Discontinuing Visa Buxx FAQs

When will Visa Buxx be discontinued?

We expect that Visa Buxx will be completely retired by May 2016. The exact date will be shared in the coming weeks. Prior to Buxx’s retirement, we will be disabling features in several phases to minimize the impact to you. You will be notified prior to features being disabled.

Why is Visa Buxx being discontinued?

As our business has grown and evolved, we’ve determined that Visa Buxx is no longer a fit with our company strategy.

What should I do prior to the discontinuation date?

We recommend that you log in to your Visa Buxx account and spend down the remaining balance or close your account and request cash out of the remaining balance.  You will receive a check for any remaining positive balance within 90 days of the discontinuation date.

What features are being disabled prior to the discontinuation date?

Beginning in January, you will no longer be able to purchase new cards or create a new Visa Buxx account.  At the end of March, we will be disabling the ability to reload funds onto your Visa Buxx account and blocking direct deposit transactions.  Any replacement card requests between now and discontinuation will result in a check being issued for the remaining balance.

How long will I have access to my account?

You will be able to access your account until Visa Buxx’s discontinuation in May 2016.

What happens if I can’t access my account before the discontinuation date?

You should first confirm that the information you are using to log in is correct. If you are still unable to access your account, you can email Customer Support at support@buxx.com.

For general questions about Visa Buxx not found in this document, please contact Customer Support at support@buxx.com.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT PROCEDURES FOR OPENING A NEW CARD ACCOUNT: To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens a Card Account. What this means for you: When you open a Card Account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see a copy of your driver’s license or other identifying documents.

Parental consent is required to sign up for the Card.